Beautiful Villas, Brilliant Investments

Real estate is the key to building real wealth. Ohana Loft represents a rare opportunity to secure your financial future in one of the world’s most prized locations.


Bali has been a favorite destination of tourists and expats for decades. It now ranks among the world’s most popular real estate investment opportunities.

Anyone can invest in Bali: you need not live on the island, and Indonesian citizenship is not required to invest here. 

Each year is different, but our clients have historically earned annual returns on their investments of 15% to 25%. 

Bali’s legendary climate and friendly spirit are reflected in an average occupancy rate of 70% each year.


Ohana Loft believes that good business is built from personal relationships, not concrete and steel.

Everyone here, right up to our senior executives, is at your service. We pride ourselves on being true partners with our clients. That means listening closely to each person we serve, then working hard to advance their interests. 

Benefits of Investing in an Ohana Villa

Passive Income

You’ve worked hard for your money. Now is the time to make it work for you. Investing in the right real estate opportunity delivers passive income month after month, year after year. And how can you tell when a real estate opportunity is right?

Location, location, location, as they say. Bali’s legendary beaches, storied culture, and status as one of the world’s great travel destinations make it a strong real estate investment market that will only grow stronger in the years to come. Very few investment opportunities offer Bali’s combination of high ROI and the resilience that comes from being located in one of the most desirable places on earth.

Growth Potential

More people than ever are able to live where they choose. And given the world to choose from, it’s only natural that more people are choosing Bali. Both its reliably strong tourism industry and its reputation as an expat haven support a strong local property market. No other place on earth offers Bali’s natural charms, legendary mystique, rich culture, and reputation for hospitality. And no other place on earth supports a real estate market quite like Bali’s.

With a solid investment strategy, plenty of market research, and an appetite for calculated risk, you can add a remarkable asset to your financial portfolio and watch it grow over the years. This could be the opportunity that anchors your portfolio, assures your retirement, and creates generational wealth for your family.


The world is ready to come to Bali—will your investment property be there to greet it? Along with impressive growth, Bali offers a remarkable set of conditions that support stable, reliable returns into the future. The island has maintained its reputation as a global tourist destination even during times of economic turbulence. Better yet, it has maintained its identity, rooted in a culture of extraordinary hospitality, even as it has welcomed the world to its shores. In other words, Bali is always in demand.

When demand remains high, occupancy rates soar and property owners can raise their rates accordingly. We can help you get started with market research that demonstrates Bali’s extraordinary stability and the long-term benefits of owning property in one of the world’s most coveted locations.

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